Bookkeeping is an important part of the administrative overhead of running a successful company. Without a robust bookkeeping system, there can be no intelligent corporate accounting. Key financial tools such as budgeting, forecasting and cash flow analysis are simply not possible. Therefore, it is vital that your bookkeeping is done properly at all times. The bookkeeping work that we will do for your business here at Jim’s Bookkeeping, can be seen as required records under Australian law. These are critical records, that are vital in ensuring that you know exactly when to pay your taxes, and how much you need to pay.




Every member of the Jim’s Bookkeeping team is well trained and professionally qualified, in all accounting techniques required under Australian law. We will be able to quickly understand how your cash accounting process works, and set up a software-driven solution, to provide a robust and effective bookkeeping system tailored to your company. Daily, Jim’s Bookkeeping will quickly and accurately enter all of your financial transactions into your bookkeeping system. Making sure that your financial records are kept completely up to date. We can also run annual, quarterly or monthly ledger reconciliations to ensure your financial records are balanced. An important part of being a Jim’s Bookkeeper is to ensure we are fully trained in, and informed of latest legislative and reporting requirements so you never need to worry about how changes in the law affecting your business in a negative way. A further advantage of using Jim’s Bookkeeping, is that we can prepare and lodge your BAS statement. You will be able to accurately calculate how much GST to claim back. This is a required activity, and one that must be done on time, to ensure that your payroll is being managed properly.




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<b style="text-align:center; font-size:14px;">DEAN O’BREE</b>


Jim’s Bookkeeping Keysborough | VIC Melbourne East

Dean is excited about sharing his expertise with business owners who are motivated to grow their businesses and focus on the bigger picture. In summary, you’d say that Dean’s core expertise is in the retail space.

<b style="text-align:center; font-size:14px;">AZAD SIYUADEEN</b>


Jim’s Bookkeeping Knox | VIC Melbourne East

Azad will ensure your business will be compliant and run efficiently with the assistance of experience and expertise, and you will have the peace of mind to focus on generating revenue.

<b style="text-align:center; font-size:14px;">DONNA SHEARER</b>


Jim’s Bookkeeping Eltham| VIC Melbourne North

Jim’s Bookkeeping Eltham owner Donna Shearer has extensive experience in financial management for both large and small business in various sectors.

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Payroll Administration
  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Lodgement Of Tax Returns
  • BAS Preparation & Lodgement
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet Reporting
  • GST & PAYG Reconciliat ions, Reporting & Support
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Profit & Loss Reporting
  • Trial Balance
  • Budget Preparatio
  • Onsite Or Remote Bookkeeping
  • Cashflow & Profitab ility Budgeting & Manage ment
  • Creditors & Debto rs Management
  • Superannuation & Wo rkcover Compliance , & Reporting
  • Accounting Software Installation, Upgrading, Training & Support
  • Accounting & Support Services
  • ATO Negotiations
  • Debtors Management (Collections)
  • MYOB, Xero & Quickbooks Online
  • Customer Accounts & Supplier Payment Control
  • Business Consulting & Advisory
  • Key Periormance Indicators & Industry Benchmarking
  • New Business Start-Up Including Registration
  • Payroll Services, Reporting & Compliance Support
  • Stock Control & Inventory Management Support
  • Superannuation Tracking

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    Only if no problems are found by the expert, will you be asked to pay the agreed price for the job and half the cost of the report.

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